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MEP consultancy. 

DJHC provides a bespoke service to every client. Depending on the size and scope of the project.

We map a clear path to delivery, ensuring new projects and maintenance are effective and costs are kept under control.

  • Condition surveys

  • Above ground drainage 

  • Domestic water 

  • Space heating  

  • Ventilation 

  • Cooling 

  • Heat pump installations

  • Mechanical services schematics 

  • Small power and data

  • Lighting 

  • Fire and security 

  • Roof level services  

  • LV schematic

  • Data schematic  

  • Security schematic 

  • Fire schematic 

  • TV/Sat/IRS schematic and specification

  • Cable calculations 

  • Review of sub-contractor’s proposals

  • Supervision of works conducted on site during stage 5 - Review and vetting of tests/ documentation and manuals to be provided by contractor. 

  • Help to compile O&M manuals and other documentation needed for handover.

  • Ensure design compliance with all regulations and codes of practice

And, in addition - for new and refurbished buildings in accordance with RIBA

  • BMS and controls

  • Commercial kitchen services

  • Educational buildings ventilation systems including BB101 compliance

  • Leisure and sports facilities 

  • Care home specialised systems

  • Sheltered accommodation specialised systems 

  • Student accommodation and HMO specialised systems

  • Communal heating system upgrades

  • Chimney systems 

  • Containment 

  • Lightning protection 

  • Surge protection

  • PV specification and sizing document

  • PV layout drawing 

  • External distribution and coordination with HV contractor

  • UPS systems 

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